The Wheel: What Hedgehogs Need

The Wheel

Hedgehogs are active at night and need a place to run their miles. (Yes, miles! One hedgehog was measured covering 12 miles on their wheel). The best wheels are completely solid and smooth, and have a diameter of 12 inches or more. The wheel must be 12 inches or greater to prevent curving the spine. Since these wheels will be spinning constantly, safe and quiet styles are recommended.

Bucket Wheels

These wheels are homemade, and made by cutting down a bucket, to give 4 or so inches width. These are found on etsy and other places where homemade goods are sold. These are usually considered the best option. Make sure that the wheel meets the minimum dimensions of a 12” diameter, 4 or so inches width, and that it will fit inside the enclosure, without hitting any lids or tops.

Kaytee Comfort Wheel Giant

Comfort wheels are available in major pet store chains. They come with a stand and some can be attached to cage walls. They do have ridges on the bottom but are simple to clean. Avoid the silent spinner model; the seam down the middle is not safe for hedgehog toes and feet.

Flying Saucers

We kept several of these for Quilliam, swapping out dirty saucers for cleaning and hoping to extend their life. Spinning saucers do have ridges on the running surface, and they can be louder than a bucket wheel. These saucers are available at large chain pet stores. Even though they may not look cramped, hedgies need 12” saucers to prevent curving their spine.

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