Enrichment (Toys!) - Hedgehogs

There are tons of toy options! When selecting toys watch for any small holes that can catch toenails and look for possibilities for hedgehogs to get stuck. They like to stick their heads into places and may not be able to reverse. Here are some ideas:

  • Crinkle ball toys for cats

  • Solid ball toys for cats

  • Mint sticks (marketed as a cat toy)

  • Rubber ducks

  • Small plush stuffed animals (check that there no loops or threads to catch toes)

  • Toilet paper roll tubes, cut lengthwise to prevent getting stuck

  • Tunnels, at least four inches in diameter, made of fabric or plastic

  • Dig box

Some hedgehogs never seem to show interest in toys. Keep trying different combinations, but don’t feel discouraged - some hedgehogs live to run and may scoot past toys to get their miles in.

Making a dig box

A dig box is any box that a hedgie can step in and an out off, but with sides that will contain the fill when the hedgehog burrows. Common fills include fleece, cut into strips, or one inch “pom poms'' that are found in craft supply stores. Hiding treats in a dig box lets the hedgie forage and keeps the dig box interesting.

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