Cages and Enclosures: Hedgehogs

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


Hedgehogs need a secure habitat with a solid floor that can keep them warm and prevent them from climbing. Avoid anything made of closely spaced horizontal bars, that the hedgie can grab and climb. Hedgehogs are very active at night, when they love to run! All hedgehogs need a safe wheel (more on that below), things to hide in, water in a bowl or bottle, and food dishes. Toys, “dig boxes” and other items add enrichment, and make a happy hog. A litter pan or litter box can make cleaning up easier.

Enclosures: Best to Buy

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest - Guinea Habitat Plus

We recommend the plus, that comes with the lid, keeping the hedgie in, and cats and other pets out. Additional enclosures can be added to increase space. We can fit the liner in our washing machine, and let it air dry. The waterproof liner is easily swept clean with a hand broom and dustpan, and spot cleans protect the floor. No tools required. Get your Midwest here!


These enclosures have solid floor, and some have screen ventilation. You may imagine these to be only for reptiles, but a long one makes a great habitat! Avoid the tall and thin styles, to maximize activity space.

An aquarium

An aquarium can house a hedgie. Quilliam stayed in one while we waited for his Midwest! Aquariums have climb proof walls and solid floors, and may better hold heat. Look for ones that have the most floor; think long and wide, not tall and narrow. A metal mesh cover can keep hedgie safe from other curious pets, and be secured with clips. Aquariums have less ventilation than a more open air wire enclosure. Watch for moisture build-up, which can cause respiratory issues.

Enclosures: Best to Build

Plastic Storage Totes

We added this to the best to buy, because the lid will have to be modified for air flow. 105 qt Sterlite totes are popular.

C&C Cages

C&C cages are “cube and coroplast” enclosures that can be custom built into any combination of shapes. Wire storage “cubes” make the floor and walls which are then covered in coroplast, a material that is like corrugated cardboard but made from plastic and is available in many colors and shapes. The coroplast should form a solid floor while coroplast on the walls will prevent any climbing (and therefore, any falls). Ideally, the enclosure should be one single level. If adding ramps or lofts, these must be railed in such a way to prevent falls. Hedgies can walk off of ramp sides or multi-stories.

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