How It Got Started

The Why

Hi! I’m Elisabeth. I wanted another pet so much - the birds at the pet store caught my eye. My husband though, isn’t a bird person, and redirected me to a hedgehog. A little pet that can eat hamburger? Yes, please! After some research, we brought Quilliam home January 2019. 

Here’s the thing. He came from a Reptile store, and while they answered some questions for us, and we had done home research, I still felt like there was more to know. And the people who knew the most about all things hedgehog? Facebook groups! Thousands of hedgie owners know the ins and outs, the tips, the tricks, and the actual needs. 

BUT this is the internet. With the info came the drama. Any enclosure was picked apart for any infraction. Newbies were barraged for controversial items, with hundreds of negative comments. It is a mess. Other newbies stopped asking for help, and certain topics triggered debates that got ugly. 

One of the most frustrating things was having nothing to buy at the Big Name Stores. All cages were too small, unhealthy snacks abound, and there weren’t any appropriate toys. If anything, every time I went to the small pet section it seemed to shrink. 

So why QTCPets? Inspired by Quilliam, Taz, and Catamaran, I wanted a pet store that actually carried everything you needed for your pet. Straightforward items you can pickup off the shelf, that were big enough, appropriate, and made life better for the pet and the family. And if I couldn’t find it, well then I would create it! Today, we are a blog, and maybe an affiliate shop. In the meantime, I am working toward the dream - a pet store where you walk in, go to your pets' aisle (yes, an entire aisle, maybe more!) and can grab anything, knowing that it is the right thing for your special pet.